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Additional Features & Options


Round Drum Orientation

Mainly supplied with the 30 ld drum tester for automatically orientating round drums in in a maximum time of 1.5 to 2.0 sec for the full rotation of a 20L drum if necessary. Also … » More Information

Self Test
Our Unique Self Test Helps Your Operators Learn How To Set The Machine For Finding Smaller Holes. Most leak detectors with a self test function open an orifice and will reject the … » More Information

Technical Part Testers And Pressure Testers
Our same leak detector controllers can be reconfigured for pressure testing and differential testing. The basic leak detector controller can be reconfigured to work with different … » More Information

Batch Counting
A simple low cost way of counting bottles and warning the operator that the box needs to be changed over, this can also be automated with the optional box diverter. The batch counter … » More Information

Box Diverter
Add On Unit To Diverted Tested Product Into 2 Boxes. This unit is bolted on to the end of a standard 6LD- LP, LB or HP unit and will divert the tested product into 2 boxes … » More Information

90 Degree Inlet on Conveyor Infeed
90 degree inlet on conveyor infeed allows production to be diverted to the front or back of the machine. Additionally we can offer different conveyor layouts and types … » More Information

Inclusion/Web Neck
Inclusion/web neck testing – software is built into every leak detector to add an inclusion head for testing for plastic inside the neck. This head has a sliding probe that … » More Information

Twin Neck Test Head
Twin neck test head – variable angle, variable centre – used with the 30LD to seal the second neck on drums with one entry that is angled. This option is controlled by the solenoid … » More Information

Multi Head Leak Detectors
Multi head leak detectors – leak detectors for very high speed. Firstly in my history in leak detection I have not been involved in building many multi-head units … » More Information

Small Bottle Eject Kit
This kit allows failed bottles below 30-50 ml to be ejected from the tester by a air blast and also allows larger bottles to be ejected by the normal eject cyclinder … » More Information

Fallen Bottle Detection
A unit that can be used up or down stream of a leak detector. Mainly used downstream to stop fallen bottles clogging the entry to labellers and printers … » More Information

Powered Out Feed Conveyors
Conveyors added to the end of a leak detector to feed light weight bottles into labellers. To date this has been mainly supplied on machines testing lightweight milk bottles … » More Information

Angled Neck Testing
Allows angled neck bottle to be tested even for inclusion testing. To test bottles with an angled neck the bottle is held in a nest or dummy mould. A failed bottle cannot … » More Information

Hot Stamp Unit
Allows batch codes to be hot stamped (melted) in the top of the container. The unit attaches to the left hand side of the test head mast and can be easily adjusted in 3 axis … » More Information

In-Line Bottle Weighing
Solutions for checking the weight of bottles at rates of up to 110 bottles per minute. The solution offered is made by another company and modified by us to improve bottle handling … » More Information

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