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Batch Counting


A simple low cost way of counting bottles and warning the operator that the box needs to be changed over, this can also be automated with the optional box diverter.

The batch counter is enabled from our menu system.

A box count is set between 0 and 9999.

A box pre-warn count is set between 0 and 999. This turns on an alarm (with adjustable volume & tone) to tell the operator the box is almost full.

The alarm comes when the box count reaches the total box count minus the pre-warn amount.

When the last good bottle is tested the alarm tone changes and a Yellow LED is turn on momentarily indicating this is the last bottle.

Box Diverter


The basic batch count is required except that the bottle is now counted by a photocell placed at the end of the conveyor.

At the batch count, a pneumatic cylinder moves a flap mounted off the end of the conveyor over so that the next bottle goes into the next box.

This arrangement is used for accumulation into 2 boxes.

Bottles could also be diverted into boxes on an indexing conveyor, or in a pneumatic indexing rectangle.

We are prepared to look at these options.

Collation Tables


The output from a leak detector can be collated in rows on a collation table with an infeed conveyor and row push off cylinder. This can be controlled from the leak detector processor or if desired a separate mini-plc.




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