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Automation - More to Come


Just to give you a brief overview as we construct this page. 100% Flexlink IDENTICAL system > 25% less expensive. Please download HERE
-Bung ( 2 and 4 axes) and Spout inserters
-Palletisers.  6 axis robots, Long stroke linear robots and more. Cobots too.
-Fully automatic bagging machines, with speed up to 34,000 bottle per hour on 1 bagger depending on an 800ml bottle

  ( Productive Sytems + wadding machine and 2-3 clsure assembly machines.

- Prodcutive systems gallery

- Pre-label cooling tables with and wihout conveyors, and collating systems, made by us.
-Blow and injection IML ( Economical and high technology with vision systems).
-Take-outs ( ASB by us, Aoki by Pacwel).
-Pressure sensitive labelers.
-Shrink labeling machines to 600 bottles per minute and more ( )

On a larger project for jerrycans, we supplied 4 take-outs, 3 rotators, 3 bung inserters , 8) of conveyors, a CNC mulit-axis dispoable dust cap placer, and a Kuka KR 120  t palletise on to 4 pallest ( many SKU's at the same time) and use one gipper for all the variation. Click here to see a small part of ot it HERE

We work with a number of strategic partners to try and provide more complete solutions.

Some information for download.

-Our general brochure , see pages 6&& , download HERE.

-Our  Slideshare PowerPoint overview , from 2018 download HERE

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