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Technical Part Leak Testers


Our same leak detector controllers can be reconfigured for pressure testing and differential testing.


The basic leak detector controller can be reconfigured to work with different sensors, up to 10 bar in pressure.

Standard or super high quality and precision sensors can be hooked up to the unit. If mass flow measurement is required depending on the application this can be considered.

Piggy back boards allow very high resolution analogue analysing of the signals.

For good testing at minimum expense often differential testing against a good sample is available.

The controller also has RS485 communication facilities for communication to data loggers and PC’s for production reporting.

Units can be daisy chained via RS 485 for simplified wiring and have unique addresses for polling on demand.

Profile Solutions Profile Solutions can supply the test unit, the test jig and our controllers have enough control flexibility that you do not need an external plc to actuate the test jig sealing actions.

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