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2LD+ Entry Level Model Leak Tester

Capable of testing up to > 3600 bottles per hour (BPH) on a single head on most bottles up to 0.5- 1L and still finding a 0.18 mm (0.007″) hole. Standard machine can test from 50 ml – 6L (1.5 US Gal) or 50 ml – 10 L (2.5 US Gal), extremely versatile.

  • Our slowest leak testerine, however it 2 and 3 times faster than a leading EU supplier for the same hole size. Don't be deceived. Even our slow is fast!

  • Output suitable for machines with few parisons

  • Accurate

  • Fully Adjustable ( Conveyor height 850-1250+mm, bottle from 30ml to 10L)

  • Easy to Use

  • Instant Information

  • Great Value for Money

  • Many Options

  • A simple but consumate empty plastic bottle leak tester / detector .


Even at its higher test speeds, the 2LD will comfortably find holes as small as 0.17mm (7 thou in). Far smaller holes may be found by using increased test times.

Fully adjustable

Every Profile Solutions leak detector is fully adjustable for a wide range of bottles and production situations. Bottles from 30ml to 6L can be tested on a standard machine.

Easy to Use

Intuitive controls and simple adjustments dramatically reduce staff training times, and minimise downtime when changing bottle lines.


Some of our more popular options include:

  • Self Test function – assists with the fine tuning of the machine, does not waste bottles.

  • Smaller or larger (than 54mm standard) test heads (We recommend our 30LD leak detector for testing bottles larger than 10L)

  • Inclusions heads for checking blocked necks

  • We can also supply collating tables, bagging machines, CNCbottle palletiser, pallet dispensers and other handling options to go with your 2LD.

Download the brochure to see the current test rates. Brochure

Still not fast enough?


If you require faster test rates, we recommend our Model 6LD leak detector for up to 18,000 tests per hour on one head or for medium speeds the 4LD for test rates up to 4500+ bottle per hour. Plus we make traveling heads for that can test > 30,000 bottles per hour.

Can you afford not to have bottle leak detection?

In an increasingly competitive bottle production market, ensuring the quality of your final product is absolutely vital. By rejecting leaking bottles at the point of manufacture, you can ensure that your clients do not become your de facto testers and ex-clients. With test rates of up to 2400 bottles per hour*, the 2LD has the capacity to provide assurance and maintain optimal production. The 2LD is great value for money.

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