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About Us

Profile Solutions is an Australian Manufacturer building Leak Detectors and Automation equipment for the Global market (We have exported to 35 countries).

60% of all current production is shipped to over twenty countries in Europe, Asia and the Americas. The company is constantly on the leading edge of Leak detection and has been responsible for many firsts in the industry.

High speed leak testers, which in fact even at these high speeds do a better test than slower machine on the market. So there is no sacrifice for speed. In fact given more time we find smaller and smaller holes.

Our machines are a rare mix of speed, accuracy at reasonable prices which in all offer incredible value for money.


  • Worlds Fastest Single Head Tester (18,000 / Hr)

  • Exported to 35+ countries.

  • Finds holes  much smaller than the industry norm

  • Modular construction for low cost and reliability

  • Custom build to match the most complex technical parts

  • Quality local and global support and training

  • Multi-Head and Traveling head testers available to 40,000 units / Hr

  • Offices in North America and Singapore

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