Round Drum Orientation


Mainly supplied with the 30 ld drum tester for automatically orientating round drums in in a maximum time of 1.5 to 2.0 sec for the full rotation of a 20L drum if necessary. Also available with large drum testers, LDT series with integrated conveyors.

  • This system senses the drum and then stops the conveyor and actuates the orientation system.

  • The drum is moved at high speed for 90% of the rotation and then ramped down for the last 10% for precise stopping.

  • The orientated drum is tested at this station and then if it fails it is ejected by our downstream eject system.

  • The fast and slow speeds can be varied via the menu system.

  • The sensors allow drums with a wide range of colours to be orientated.

  • We suggest that you send us a sample to check on the ease at which the drum can be rotated.

  • On a 30ld size tester drums from 140-300 diameter can be orientated.

  • The same system can be scaled up for drums up to 220l (55 us gal) in size.



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