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Self Test


Our Unique Self Test Helps Your Operators Learn How To Set The Machine For Finding Smaller Holes.

Most leak detectors with a self test function open an orifice and will reject the bottle being tested whether it is good
or not.


Ours is different!


Firstly it works on demand or at a user defined interval of good bottles.


The self test counts a number of good bottles and on that count it recharges the good bottle it has just tested and at the same time opens an orifice equivalent to a 0.3 mm (0.012 in).


If the settings are correct the 0.3 mm orifice will be detected and the Self Test will show a OK via a green LED.


If the settings are poor the self test will not find the hole and the Self Test will show a FAIL via a red LED.


They can also use this facility to see how the difference between a good bottle and fail is affected when they change parameters such as test time and charge pressure.


To date we have had a very good response to this type of self test and our clients who have ordered this keep on ordering it with subsequent machines.


In combination with our comprehensive display of information on our standard control the self test provides the feedback that allows operators to get a “feel” for setting the leak tester.


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