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Box Diverter


Add On Unit To Diverted Tested Product Into 2 Boxes. This unit is bolted on to the end of a standard 6LD- LP, LB or HP unit and will divert the tested product into 2 boxes.

It is mainly used to divert product for containers less than 10 ml – 500 ml. The unit works quickly and from internal trials on small volume bottles can work at rates of up to 9000+ BPH.

The unit plugs into a socket on the control box . If basic machines are ordered with this socket the diverter can be detached from a unit and moved to another unit.

The number of bottles in a box (box count) can be varied from 1-9999 from the control and a warning audible alarm to advise the operator to change the box can be set 1-999 bottles from the box count.

This alarm can be set to activate on every box or second box. All these parameters are accessed in the MENU system.

The unit can be detached from the leak detector in less than 5 minutes.

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