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Multi Head Leak Detectors


Multi head leak detectors – leak detectors for very high speed. Firstly in my history in leak detection I have not been involved in building many multi-head units.

Why? Because Our Single Head Units Are So Fast

If 6LD-LP is not fast enough it is far less expensive to get a 6LD B or HP which has double the speed than build a 2 head budget machine.

A twin head 6LD B or HP is very FAST, Typically around 1.8 Times faster than a single head unit.

So if a stable 500 ML (1 PINT) bottle could be tested at 3500-4000 BPH on a single head around 7000 -7500 BPH could be tested on a twin head.

The single head machine due to bottle instability could test around 2500 BPH, with the double head it was almost double. This machine to improve handling also had a servo drive for improves ramping of the bottles as the conveyor was stopped and started.

  • Some ideal bottles on a twin head could be tested at 8000-10,000 per hour.

  • This type of unit can replace the need for small rotary leak testers (4-6 head).

  • Multi head machines are generally more time consuming to set up and samples are required to ensure the best solution is offered.

  • Bottles with poor stability will have the slowest test rate on the machine.

  • A variety of technical solutions are available for high speed testing.

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