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90 Degree Inlet on Conveyor Infeed & Round the Corner Outlet Conveyors


90 degree inlet on conveyor infeed allows production to be diverted to the front or back of the machine. Additionally we can offer different conveyor layouts and types.

Basically the picture below shows the 90 degree inlet conveyor. It is placed at the outlet of the blow moulder for direct bottle transfer.

The unit shown below has an infeed of 800 mm (500 mm standard) and a standard bend radius of 300 mm which is suitable for 5-6 litre bottles.

Right and Left hand pairs can be made for double station machines.

We can also supply extra conveyors for up and down stream of the leak detector.

Round The Corner Outlet Conveyors


Also where desired we offer separate compact 90 degree conveyors to do the same function as above but where you would like to retain the standard straight conveyor leak detector conveyor. These legs allow clearance for deflash return systems.

The length of the infeed and outfeed can be made to suit your application.

We Are Now Building Many Of These With Fixed And Variable Speed Drives Options


These can also be made with straight section on the infeed or out feed and with special chains that allow the drive direction to be reversed.

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