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K 2019: Record number of visitors

Updated: Sep 4, 2022

Profile Solutions showed its flagship 6LDV at K2019 testing faster than ever before.

At shows we normally test a robust 210ml bottle a sit gets tested over and over thousands of times. We showed in front of people it testing this bottle at 15,500 per hour on 1 head and finding a 0.18 mm hole. Plus they could press the override button on the new self-test and see every bottle fail as a test hole was introduced.

At K2013 the same bottle was being tested at 11,500 per hour and at K2016 at 13,400 per hour. So we achieved a 15 and 30% increase over these previous 2 exhibitions and show our dedication to innovation

Many of our Australian clients who by this machine don't realise it does the job leading suppliers from the EU and USA do at over twice the cost. For many of our local customers for whom we are part of the furniture don't realise how much more they would have to spend if we had not existed.

We had a 30% increase over K2013 and moreover K 2016. We sold all the machines off the stand as well ( The 6LDV above, plus a 2LD+ ( 30ml to 10L) and 30LD (up to 30L)?.

Despite being small we were only 1 of 3 Australian exhibitors out of 3000 companies and are prepared to give it a go. its why we have exported to 35 countries to date.

We also offer a lot more than leak testers with Automation and vertical integration with items like conveyors, collators, cooling tables, bung and spout inserters, palletisers and a whole range of plastics blow and injection molding machinery including robots.

Many people found these other products and services of interest at the show. We are happy to have the nice problem of lots of leads to follow up.

So maybe your high tech solutions are down the road and not always from the top half of the world in the Northern hemisphere.

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