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Auto Tuning


This new feature allows our machine to be very easily setup for both accurate and high test rates.


The operator selects the desired hole size in the MENU system that is your test threshold.


The operator then selects auto tune from the MENU system and then runs a bottle through the machine which
is analysed.


The machine works out the lowest test time for finding a hole of that size.


Also as temperature and humidity change throughout the day our machine tracks the variation in good bottles and adjusts the pass/fail threshold so you do not have to recalibrate the machine


This software works at high speed and allows operators with almost no skill to get very high test rates from a machine that in the past generally required very experienced operators and more setup time.


The Auto Tuning system also incorporates our Self Test system and this can also provide feedback and show you
if the setting in the auto tune system within spec and if they easily find the inbuilt 0.4 mm hole.


Auto Tuning making high speed leak testing accurate and simple.

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